In a seemingly more predictable outcome than death and taxes, the Arbuckle Golf Club kept a stranglehold on the Colusa County Cup this past weekend.

  The champions ran their winning streak to 16 over the Colusa Golf Club by a whopping 26-10 margin after rounds on each golf course.

  New Arbuckle member Steve Rammazini summed up the ease of the victory, knocking his first putt off the green (No. 7) and four-putting the last (No. 6) but he and son Eric swept Christian Cowsent and Perry Taylor 3-0 in match play Sunday at Arbuckle.

  Arbuckle eked out a 10-8 lead at Colusa before the finishing typical 16-2 dominance on its home links.

  When the dust cleared, Colusa pro Dave Hanson pointed to the Colusa Cup trophy and the 26-3 Arbuckle  lead and quipped, “That says it all.”

  The teams of John Rotteveel-Thomas Steinhoff, Derick Strain-Brady Myers and Johnny Mike Vawter-Kevin Wood also swept Sunday’s matches.

 Steve Razo-Steve Cribari, Mike Zoller-Perry Taylor and Doug Austin-Joe Bowers picked up 2-1 wins for host Colusa on Saturday.  Austin and Bowers did the best for Colusa on Sunday with a draw against Jeff Thomas and Thomas Bement.

  “We left lots of putts out there,” Eric Ramazzini said after Sunday’s play.

 Wood and Vawter joked about their challenging  Arbuckle greens. “We played slightly less worse than our opponents (Blake Davis-Eric Long), “

Wood reviewed. “We four-putted three or four times, After playing Colusa, it’s hard to adjust here.”

  In the featured pairing, Hanson and partner Cody Beckley lost by a 5-1 margin to former Yolo Fliers champ Rotteveel and former  Arbuckle champ Steinhoff.

   “Make more putts,” Hanson lamented after his loss. 

  “I’d like to see more players participate. The more the merrier. It’s a fun event...if I’d made five or more putts today, I’d have had a chance.”

  Myers, who grew up on the Colusa links and now belongs at Arbuckle. isn’t sure more players would make a difference. He shot under par both days.

 “There are better players over here,” said Myers, a former collegiate and pro golfer. “This course asks a lot. I’ve played here a long time. This course makes you a player. I always get excited about playing it.”

   And all of his Arbuckle teammates seem to get excited about the Colusa Cup too.

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