The August Complex has now burned more than 1 million acres. 

The complex, which consists of multiple fires that have burned together, was 58 percent contained as of Tuesday. 

According to a Facebook post from the Mendocino National Forest, smoke was expected to keep fire activity lower on Tuesday in the northwest and south zones because of decreased temperatures and less oxygen on the fire. 

Fire managers on both zones planned to use the opportunity to do some strategic burnouts where the main body of fire is pushing close to control lines – which means firefighters prepare and then light the vegetation along sections of the line to remove fuel between the line and approaching fire. 

“We recognize this adds more smoke to the air but it is a proven method do secure fire lines and ultimately, to stop growth of the fire into new areas,” it was stated in the post. “Slow, methodical burnouts also generally result in lower intensity fire, and therefore less tree mortality. It is also safer for firefighters to light off a prepared line, like a road or a bulldozer trail, than to try and attack the fire directly on a slope.”

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