The August Complex has been listed as the largest wildfire in California history.

As of Tuesday morning, the fire had burned 794,801 and was 30 percent contained. 

The complex consists of multiple fires that have burned together and are collectively known as the August Complex. 

According to an incident update, the August Complex is being managed under cooperative incident command between Great Basin Team 2 – DeMasters in the South Zone (what had been the Doe Fire), California Interagency Incident Management Team 5 – Young in the North Zone (what had been the Elkhorn Fire) and Cal Fire Team – Parkes in the West Zone. 

The U.S. Forest Service and Cal Fire are engaged in a coordinated response to manage and suppress the complex. 

According to an update on the South Zone of the complex, the focus of firefighting efforts on Tuesday was in Lake County in the Lake Pillsbury Basin. 

Two structure protection groups have been established to help protect infrastructure. Work by those groups includes installing hose lays, supplying water dip tanks for helicopters and putting in dozer lines where appropriate. 

On the east side of the fire, a burnout operation began Monday afternoon in the area of Salt Creek Conservation Camp. This operation was planned to continue Tuesday as weather permitted – the completion of the operation would tie the fire perimeter into the dozer-built fire line that was previously constructed. 

In the northern area of the South Zone, progress was made in containing the fire in the Elder Creek area on the eastern side of the Crane Mills property. Mop-up activities continued along the fire perimeter in the area. 

According to an update on the North Zone, the priority is structure protection, indirect and direct line construction, and tactical firing operations, as of Tuesday morning. 

According to a press release, the USDA Forest Service Pacific Southwest region extended its temporary closure of all 18 National Forests in the state through Sept. 21. 

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