The family of a Colusa County man killed in a 2011 bombing obtained a $20 million judgment against his killer, an attorney said last Wednesday.

A Colusa County judge approved the judgment last month in the wrongful death lawsuit filed in 2013 by Jesus, Maria and Paola Ayala against Moore Brothers, Arlan Moore, Paul Moore and Roger Moore.

"I don't imagine my clients will see anything of it," Sacramento lawyer Justin Gingery said.

Paul Moore was convicted of killing Roberto Ayala, an employee of Moore Brothers.

The settlement also included about $44,800 in worker's compensation payments.

Half of the amount will go to Jesus, Maria and Paola Ayala, while the other half will be placed in an annuity for Roberto's now 12-year-old son. The boy witnessed the explosion that killed his father.

The money, which is expected to grow to $26,571, will help fund the son's college education, Gingery said.

A state appeals court this week upheld Paul Moore's murder conviction.

Gingery said the $20 million judgment cannot be discharged in Bankruptcy Court and can be periodically renewed.

He said Paul Moore is the "sole inheritor of the Moore family fortune." According to Gingery, the Moores receive millions in agricultural subsidies annually.

"They do all right," he said.

According to the Environmental Working Group Farm Subsidy Database, Moore Brothers received about $2.1 million in subsidies from 1995-2014. In addition, Gingery said, Moore Brothers signed over to the Ayala family the pickup Roberto was driving on the day he was killed.

"It was owned by Moore farms, but was only driven by Roberto," Gingery said.

The vehicle, a 2006 Ford F-250, will be sold, he said.

The attorney said he didn't take a fee to represent the Ayalas.

"My sister-in-law is friends with the family," he said. "That's why I took the case."

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