Vendor Randy Taylor, of Chico, said there was a steady stream of visitors at the third annual Antique Bottle and Collectibles Show, held at the Sacramento Valley Museum Friday and Saturday. 

“ You get the locals and then you get the people that come to all of the shows,” said Taylor. 

Taylor, who specializes in fruit canning jars, said he used to search for bottles and other collectibles to brings to shows such as this by digging in the ground or rummaging through garbage, but after 40 years in the in the business, he now watches online auctions and even scouts out pieces at shows he attends as a seller. 

“You start to learn what people are looking for by talking to them at shows so that’s what I keep my eyes open for,” said Taylor. 

Taylor said there are a handful of bottle and collectible shows up and down the west coast that he and several of the other sellers attend each year, with the exception of 2020. 

While this is one of the smaller shows, show organizer Cristy Edwards said vendors come from all over, even from out of state, to sell their old bottles, many of which are specialty collections, and other items including comic books, signs, tins, jewelry, baskets and more. 

“A lot of the people that come to the shows become like family because you talk to them year after year and watch their kids grow up,” said Taylor. 

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