An investigation continues after several altercations – physical and verbal – erupted following a high school basketball game Tuesday night. Two Colusa County Sheriff’s Department deputies were at the Pierce Joint Union High School gymnasium in Arbuckle when it happened. 

The Pierce Bears were hosting the Hoopa Valley Warriors in the first round of the Division V championships. The Bears won by four points.

After the game was over, several altercations broke out beginning with a fight involving three people attending the game. 

“Deputies on scene detained several persons related to the physical altercation. While investigating the physical altercation several additional verbal altercations erupted in the gymnasium,” according to a press release from the sheriff’s office.

Sgt. Mike Bradwell said the fight involved people affiliated with both teams. 

“The original physical altercation involved one juvenile and two young adults,” Bradwell said. “The juvenile and one of the young adults was from the traveling team and the other young adult was a local resident.” 

Bradwell could not confirm if any of the three individuals were students at either high school. 

Reports indicate that school staff members were trying to direct the crowd safely out of the gym when an elderly man fell to the ground.

According to the press release, deputies requested medical attention for the man. The circumstances leading to his fall are still unknown at this time.

Surveillance footage from within the Pierce High School gymnasium was obtained and reviewed by the officers, but the elderly man’s fall was just out of the view of the camera, according to the press release. 

Several other agencies – including the Williams Police Department, Colusa Police Department, California Highway Patrol and Yolo County Sheriff’s Office – responded to assist the Colusa County Sheriff’s Department due to the large group still in the gym when the altercations started and were able to safety disburse the remaining crowd.

After being advised of possible criminal activities causing the elderly man’s fall, the Colusa County Sheriff’s Department initiated an investigation into those allegations. During the process of collecting statements and video evidence to corroborate the claims, the reporting parties became uncooperative. The sheriff’s department continues to work with outside agencies to investigate the cause of the man’s fall. 

“At this time no charges have been filed and the Colusa County Sheriff’s Office is establishing this as an ongoing open investigation,” Bradwell said. 

Carol Geyer, superintendent of Pierce Joint Unified School District, said in an email response Thursday that she is not at liberty to respond at this time due to the ongoing investigation. 

School officials from Hoopa Valley High School were also contacted for comment but did not respond in time for publication.

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