The main drag of Stonyford was bustling with excitement on Saturday as the Stonyrose Heritage Society hosted their very first Mardi Gras festival. 

Jay Sanchinelle-Huttman, founder of the Stonyrose Heritage Society, said those in attendance were excited for the first festival of the year, especially with the new theme. 

“People were thrilled to be out,” said Sanchinelle-Huttman. “They came out and ate, shopped and talked to neighbors they haven’t seen in ages.” 

According to Sanchinelle-Huttman, several local campers also joined in on the festivities – one of which even sported a kilt. 

The festivities kicked off with a small parade accompanied by New Orleans jazz and bubbles, leading the way to the street fair. 

Sanchinelle-Huttman said there were ten vendors in attendance, selling an assortment of goods including fresh eggs, desserts, fresh bread, jewelry, clothes, homemade soaps and bath bombs, home decor and more. 

Robert Timm, who recently started the Stonyford-based bread company Sour Rob’s, was one of the vendors in attendance. Timm brought 32 loaves of sourdough bread for the festivities and sold out within an hour, said Sanchinelle-Huttman. 

El Taco Nazo – a staple at all of the events hosted by the society – returned with their signature shrimp tacos for the festivities and Sanchinelle-Huttman said they were delicious. 

Thanks to the Colusa County Chamber of Commerce, Sanchinelle-Huttman said each vendor was provided with a supply of masks and sanitizer to help keep festival attendees safe and in compliance with current COVID-19 guidelines. 

Sanchinelle-Huttman said he was very happy with how the inaugural event turned out and plans to make it an annual event. 

“We’ll be back and bigger than ever next year,” said Sanchinelle-Huttman. 

The Stonyrose Heritage Society hosts several fundraisers throughout the year to generate funds to continue to host events such as this and give back to the community of Stonyford. 

Sanchinelle-Huttman said the next event on the docket is a Mother’s Day dinner and play, which was actually supposed to take place in December but had to be canceled due to the pandemic. 

All of the proceeds from this event, which is scheduled to take place May 8, will raise money for the Stonyford Museum. 


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