Two more coronavirus-related deaths were confirmed last week in Colusa County, bringing the county’s total COVID-related death count up to four. 

Marcos Kropf, County Counsel for the County of Colusa, said the third individual, an 89 year-old resident of Valley West Care Center, died on July 23 but health officials were informed last week that the death was COVID-19 related.

Kropf confirmed that the fourth deceased individual was also a resident of Valley West but did not release any additional information about the individual at this time. 

On July 20, county health officials reported a COVID-19 outbreak at Valley West with 30 confirmed active cases, including 16 residents and 14 staff members. 

The four residents of the care facility that have died account for Colusa County’s total COVID-19 related deaths at this time.

“It appears that Valley West has their infection under control,” said Krofp. “The county has been assisting Valley West by supplying disposable gowns as they are used up, masks and face shields.”

While coronavirus cases continue to rise within the county, there has been a decrease in the number of individuals quarantined due to possible exposure in recent days. 

“The downward trend is likely based on a few factors,” said Kropf. “First, the contract tracing probably does not result in a number of identified contacts that may need to be quarantined. Second, as the time runs the time on the quarantine for an individual  expires and they are off unless they test positive.”

Kropf said there have also been a few cases in family settings that were on quarantine and then tested positive, moving them into the isolation category.

As of Tuesday morning, there were 357 confirmed cases of COVID-19 within Colusa County.

According to Colusa County health officials, there are currently 81 individuals in isolation, including two who are hospitalized and another 57 in quarantine due to possible exposure.

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