Colusa County group gathers against recall

Indivisible Colusa County volunteers displayed “no on recall” banners over Interstate 5 in Williams on Aug. 17. 


As recall election ballots continue to be sent out to residents throughout California, a group of locals in Colusa County gathered in Williams last week to urge people to vote no and keep Gov. Gavin Newsom in office. 

With banners that read “no on recall” hanging on the E Street overpass overlooking Interstate 5, the group was composed of members of Indivisible Colusa County, a progressive political group. 

“The response from I-5 travelers to our ‘no on recall’ banners has been mostly positive,” said Jennifer Roberts, a volunteer with Indivisible Colusa County. “We got a lot more friendly honks, thumbs up and waves than obscene gestures.”

The Sept. 14 recall election ballot includes two questions: “Shall Gavin Newsom be recalled (removed) from the office of Governor?; and if not, who should replace him?”

Forty-six challengers are listed as contenders in the race. Newsom’s name is absent from the list as state election law does not allow him to run as a replacement candidate.

Voters can return their ballots by mail or by dropping them off at a local drop box. All mail-in ballots must be postmarked on or before the Sept. 14 election day deadline. Voters can also vote in person on Sept. 14.

“We’re encouraging voters to return their ballots as soon as possible,” said Pamela DaGrossa, chair of the Colusa County Democrats. “It’s an easy ballot to fill out: just vote no. We recommend leaving part two blank. None of the 46 challengers is remotely qualified to lead our great state.”

Larry Elder, a Republican who leads in polls and fundraising among candidates seeking to replace Newsom, has advocated for no minimum wage requirements and recently told the McClatchy California editorial board that he would declare a statewide emergency on homelessness in order to waive the California Environmental Quality Act. Elder said doing so would quickly facilitate low-cost housing construction across the state.

“The ideal minimum wage is $0,” Elder, a right-wing media personality, told the board.

Elder also told the board that he would take action to implement school choice in California and would not mandate COVID-19 vaccinations in the state.

According to Roberts, members of the Colusa County Democratic Party will be going door-to-door this week in many neighborhoods to leave flyers at Democratic households with hopes of boosting voter turnout.

“It’s understandable that when times are hard, people seek change,” said Roberts. “But Gov. Newsom has one year left in office and then we’ll have a regular election. Disrupting that process and handing California over to someone with no governing experience who denies the seriousness of climate change or thinks the minimum wage should be zero isn’t going to solve our problems. It’s just going to create more problems.”

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