Colusa County has been included in a disaster declaration issued by President Trump, along with 10 other counties in California, after a large portion of the state that was damaged by winter storms earlier this year.

Trump issued the declaration on May 1 to help counties that were damaged by a series of storms, flooding, landslides and mudslides that occurred across the state February 13 through February 15. 

In addition to Colusa County, Calaveras, Marin, Mariposa, Mendocino, Modoc, Napa, Riverside, Santa Barbra, Shasta and Trinity Counties have also been included in the declaration. 

The declaration makes these counties eligible for federal funding to repair damages.  Under the Public Assistance Program, FEMA obligates that 75 percent of the eligible costs be used for debris removal, emergency response and protective measures, roads and bridges, water control facilities, buildings, equipment and utilities or parks and recreational facilities. 

A heavy winter storms moved over Colusa County between Feb. 12 and Feb.14, bring five inches of rain to the area in just two days. The excess water flooded city streets and major roadways in the area, shutting down Interstate 5 and State Route 20 for hours.

“The bulk of the damage the County sustained out this disaster was basically road related and for the most part near and paralleling  the Colusa Drain,” said Michael Azevedo, assistant director of the Colusa County Public Works Department

Azevedo said the estimated cost of repairs in Colusa County is about $850,000 and most of these repairs have already been completed

“We chose to perform the repairs as soon as conditions allowed, and did not wait for the declaration and financial assistance,” Azevedo said. “We are extremely pleased to see the declaration and assistance being made available.”

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