Colusa County welcomes new Ag Commissioner

Anastacia Allen was promoted to Colusa County Agricultural Commissioner Jan. 19. 


The Colusa County Board of Supervisors approved the promotion of a new Agricultural Commissioner last month, welcoming Anastacia Allen as the first woman appointed to the position within Colusa County. 

“I am excited, eager and honored to be appointed Ag Commissioner/Sealer here in Colusa County,” said Allen. “This county has a strong agricultural history with many legacy farms still intact today. I look forward to helping to sustain that legacy and tradition into the future here in Colusa.”

Allen said she is also looking forward to helping her department and growers move into the future with constant changes to regulation and requirements in agriculture. 

“From industrial hemp being recognized as an ag commodity, to new pesticide regulations and requirements to certifying electric vehicle charging stations, changes are everywhere!,” said Allen.  “I want to help lead them down the path of compliance in the easiest and less intrusive way possible, in a way that will protect their tradition of farming. I like to remind people that if farmers don’t farm, we don’t eat. It is in everyone’s best interest to help them continue to do what they love to do.” 

Allen began her career in Colusa County in 2018 as the assistant commissioner, working with her predecessor Gregory Hinton. 

Prior to coming to Colusa County, Allen started working as Agriculture Biologist for the Butte County Agriculture Department in 2010 and worked her way up the ranks to senior agricultural biologist before accepting her former position in Colusa County. 

Born and raised in Butte County, Allen graduated from Oroville High School before attending Chico State. She then began her career in construction as an administrative manager handling everything from accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll and contract management, but following the downturn of the housing and commercial construction markets in 2007, Allen said she found her way to county work.

“I have experienced and learned from many different people throughout my life,” said Allen. “I feel that I have taken a piece of what each of them have taught me and molded it all together into the professional I am today.”

Allen said she is very fortunate to work with an incredible group of people in the Colusa Agriculture Department, which encompasses the Ag Commissioner/ Sealer’s Office, the Air Pollution Control Office and the Migrant Housing Center. 

“They are all very knowledgeable in what they do and know the community well,” said Allen. “We are definitely a team here and all depend on each other. It is an amazing place to work with them!” 


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