For the first time in nearly a century, the moon will travel directly in front of the sun, causing daylight to fall into shadow. While Colusa County isn’t located in the direct path of the eclipse, residents will still be able to view a partial eclipse from their own backyard.

On the day of the natural phenomenon, Yuba City is hosting a celebration so community members can experience the eclipse together. David Holycross, owner of Holycross Memorial Services, is organizing the event in conjunction with the Yuba City Downtown Business Association. He’s planning to expand his business to Colusa County in the near future, and said he would love the chance to get to know residents.

“Folks in Colusa should absolutely come,” Holycross said. “We’re only 20 minutes down the road; it’s going to be fun.”

The celebration is free to attend, but for $10 participants will receive a package complete with special viewing glasses, brochure and a voucher for a free breakfast burrito on site. There will also be a bounce house and live music at the event.

The Solar Eclipse Viewing Party is from 8 a.m.-9 a.m. Aug. 21 in the parking lot behind Holycross Memorial Services at 486 Bridge St. in Yuba City.

Traveling north

The city of Salem, in Oregon, is the closest place to experience a total solar eclipse. Dr. Rick Fienberg, spokesperson for the American Astronomical Society, told the Appeal-Democrat millions of people are expected to flock to Salem to see the eclipse—so planning a last-minute trip might not be a good idea.

“The problem, of course, is there are going to be a lot of people traveling. It’s going to be potentially a zoo,” Fienberg told the paper. “If you make a last-minute decision to travel you may not make it into the path of totality before the start of the eclipse.”

For those who planned a year in advance, Fienberg said viewing the eclipse will be like going from day to night. But for those of us living in areas that will only see a partial eclipse, he said we can still expect to see a good show.

“It’s kind of weird when the sun shrinks to a crescent,” he said. “It’s much more satisfying to look up at the sun and see the bite taken out of it.”

Fienberg reminded sky gazers to only look directly at the eclipse using special viewing glasses – sunglasses offer no protection. While shopping for eclipse gear, make sure glasses are printed with “ISO 12312-2” to ensure legitimacy.

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