The Colusa County Community Advocates for Parents and Children (CAPC) are once again hosting their annual Angel Tree toy drive for local children in need. 

Bowers said this year there are a total of 35 Angels and all have been sponsored at this time. 

According to Carissa Bowers, program manager for CAPC, the organization works to secure sponsors for each child in their Angel Tree Program and organizes the gifts after receiving them. The organization wraps each gift and gets them delivered prior to the holidays.  

“Sometimes we have children living in the same home with different sponsors and we try to be really aware of what each child is receiving through the program and ensure that children’s gifts are kept as equal as possible,” said Bowers.

Bowers said while all of the Angels have been sponsored at this time, additional needs do come in so they encourage people who would like to be involved to provide items such as gift cards to retailers like Target, Walmart and Amazon, gift wrap or books and art supplies to support the program. Visa gift cards are also appreciated, said Bowers, and lending a pair of helping hands is also a great way to donate. 

“If folks would like to volunteer to join our wrapping team, that would be so supportive!,” said Bowers. “We wrap a lot of gifts!” 

Bowers said every year the amount of Angels on their tree changes and children are added to the program because of specific circumstances. 

“Some years we have many, many more, which is always a little disheartening,” said Bowers. 

All of the participating children are currently in Foster Care and are placed in out-of-home placements with Resource Families, which Bowers said is the new term for foster families.  

“Each child works with their Social Worker through (the) Department of Health and Human Services (and) Child Protective Services to organize a wish-list for the holidays that include things like their gender, age, and sizes of clothing, their favorite stores and some hobbies and interests,” said Bowers. “Some children include names of actual items they have on their Christmas wish-lists.” 

From there, CAPC takes those lists and matches them with local sponsors who provide gifts for the child. While Bowers was unsure how many years this event has been held, she said the organization has been hosting their Angel Tree toy drive for more than a decade now. 

“We are always so thankful to live in such a generous community,” said Bowers. “Our Angels are always so appreciative of the generosity shown by our sponsors.” 

For more information or to donate or volunteer, contact the CAPC office at 458-7678 or email


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