As the city of Colusa works through the process of reviewing and updating their cannabis ordinance, a survey is being conducted to gather community input. 

“Cannabis has been legal in the city of Colusa since 2018 when the City Council voted to approve Ordinance 519 allowing for cultivation, manufacturing and non-storefront retail sales (referred to as delivery services),” read a release issued by the city of Colusa. “At the time, Colusa’s 519 Ordinance did not include store-front retail sales – otherwise known as dispensaries.” 

Since the ordinance has not been updated since it was approved three years ago, it has fallen out of compliance with new California Department of Cannabis Control edicts, according to the release, so councilmembers instructed City Manager Jesse Cain to draft proposed revises that included options for the inclusion of the storefront dispensary license type previously left out during the April 20 council meeting. 

“We needed a full update,” said Councilmember Daniel Vaca. “Not just on the existing ordinance, but also reviewing the retail storefront license type too. It’s important that we look at the full picture. I’ve gotten numerous calls on this which tells me that it’s worthy of being revisited.” 

Any changes made to an ordinance must first go through a review process, which the Colusa Planning Commission began on Sept. 22 with the first review. A second review is planned to take place today (Wednesday) at City Hall, 425 Webster Street, Colusa, starting at 6 p.m. This meeting will also be accessible via Zoom by visiting

“Afterwards, the Planning Commission will make a recommendation regarding whether or not to include the storefront retail/dispensary license type into the updated city ordinance,” read the release.

Once the Planning Commission makes their recommendations, the city council will begin a review of the ordinance as well. 

While the review process is going on, the city is conducting a survey about the cannabis ordinance to gather feedback from the residents of Colusa. 

“We are in the information gathering stage and this is an issue that people are passionate about,” said Cain. “As always, we strive for transparent outreach and offer multiple opportunities for people to participate. I would encourage people to get involved by coming to a meeting, sharing their opinion privately with a council member or taking our survey.”

According to the release, surveys were already sent out to residents with their water bill but it can also be taken online. 

The survey is available in both English and Spanish and can be accessed at (English) or (Spanish). 

Paper copies of the survey can also be obtained at Colusa City Hall. 

The survey will be active through Oct. 31. 

For more information, call 458-4740 or email

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