In the fall of 1994, Frank and Joanne Ferraiuolo of Colusa visted their cousin Edward and Melba Conerly of Riverside. While there, they were invited to attend a presentation at the local Baptist Church of a depiction of the Living Last Supper.

In 1498, Leonardo di Vinci completed a painting on the wall of the refractory of a church called Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan, Italy. This painting depicted the last supper of Christ and his apostles before his ultimate crucifixion. This presentation brings to life that painting, and addresses each apostles relationship with Christ and deals with the announcement by Christ that one of the apostles would betray Him.

Frank and Joanne were so impressed with this presentation that they ask for and were given the script to bring back to Colusa to be presented as a community worship experience.

The first presentation was cast in early 1995. The cast consisted of 13 members of various churches in the Colusa community, and presented on the evening of the 13th and 14th of April 1995 under the direction of Joanne Ferraiuolo. Because of the wonderful acceptance of this presentation, subsequent performances were held in 1998, 2001, and 2005, with various cast members of Colusa County.

The original cast consisted of the following: Philip — James Erdman, Nathaniel — Tom Reische, Mathew — Ed Bland, Simon the Zealot — David Resch, Andrew — Ed Hull, Simon Peter — Rev. Scott Wylie, John — Julian Delgato, James — Tom Nightingale, Thomas — Harold Wilsey, James the less — Rev. Dwight Scott, Thaddeus — Chuck Johnson, Judas Iscariot — Ramon Rivera, and Jesus — Rev. Tom Tripp.

The canted supper table was constructed by Frank Ferraiuolo, who was also the play's narrator.

Fortunately, Eloy Zaragoza made a VCR recording of the presentation at the Colusa Assembly of God, and an edited version now on DVD will be screened as part of the Colusa Community Good Friday Worship Service.

Showings will be Thursday, April 13, before Good Friday at 7:30 p.m., and noon and 3 p.m. on Good Friday at the First Presbyterian Church on Fifth and Jay streets.

Everyone is invited to attend for this free showing.

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