COVID-19 case numbers continue to rise in Colusa County as the county continues to distribute vaccinations. 

As of Tuesday, health officials reported 1,643 positive COVID-19 cases within the county – an increase of 205 new cases since Jan. 6. 

Of the total COVID-19 cases reported within Colusa County, 434 are active cases in isolation – including six individuals that have been hospitalized at this time. 

To date, 1,200 people have recovered from the virus and nine virus-related deaths have been reported. 

The county will no longer report the number of individuals in quarantine due to changes in case investigation and contact tracing protocols.

The Colusa County Department of Health and Human Services has also developed a website devoted to local COVID-19 vaccine information, which will be updated weekly as more information about vaccine allocation becomes available. 

The county is currently in Phase 1, Tier 1 of the vaccination schedule. Acute care, skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, first responders and behavioral health staff have already received the vaccine and employees from pharmacies assisting the county in vaccination efforts are next in line. 

After those individuals receive vaccinations, intermediate care facilities, Home Health and In Home Support Services staff, public health and Department of Public Social Services staff, community health workers, primary care and community clinics and stand-alone urgent care staff will be eligible for vaccinations within Tier 2. 

Specialty clinics, laboratory workers, dental and oral health clinic staff and pharmacy staff will be eligible within Tier 3. 

When Colusa County transitions into Phase 1b of the vaccination schedule, persons over the age of 75, healthcare personnel not included within the A-1 tier, law enforcement personnel, food packaging and distribution centers, agriculture, manufacturing and grocery workers, teachers, school staff and childcare providers, postal service workers and public transit employes will be eligible to receive the vaccine as well as those at high risk for severe illness with underlying conditions. 

Phase 1c includes persons age 65–74 years old, persons age 16–64 years old with medical conditions that increase the risk of COVID-19 and all other essential workers will be eligible for the vaccination. 

Essential workers included in this tier include transportation and logistics, water and waste, food service, shelter and housing, finance, information technology, communications, energy, media and public safety and public health workers. 

For more information about the county vaccination schedule, visit

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