A generous donation has allowed Family SOUP to introduce the Ryan Jon Maloney Continuing Education Scholarship – a new scholarship opportunity for students with disabilities who have made the decision to continue their education.

“Here at Family SOUP, we want all children to grow up believing that the stars are within their reach and for that belief to continue into their adult life, knowing that they can achieve their dreams,” said Adrienne Maloney, executive director of the organization. “We want to foster independence and help students with exceptional abilities to see their strengths and successes in a world where sometimes they get shadowed by their disability.” 

The scholarship is open to young adults ages 18-22 with a disability who are currently enrolled in college or university and reside in Yuba, Sutter or Colusa County. 

Those interested in applying are asked to write and submit an essay or poem sharing their experience in education as someone with special needs. Submissions should be about 700 words. Applicants also need to complete a short application, show proof of enrollment at a local college or university as well as a connection with the school’s disability support program and sign a success story release form to complete their submission. 

The application is available online at https://tinyurl.com/65x697kc. Success story releases can be found at https://tinyurl.com/af22rsbd

All applications are due by Thursday, Sept. 30. 

Applications can be submitted via email to adrienne@familysoup.org or by mail to Family SOUP, Attn: Adrienne, 1650 Sierra Ave. #106, Yuba City, CA 95993. 

One applicant will be selected and awarded a one-time $500 scholarship. Their story will also be featured in an upcoming edition of NOISE, the Family SOUP newsletter. 

Family SOUP is a social services organization that serves Sutter, Yuba, and Colusa counties through programs and services focused on empowering families of children with special needs through support and education.

For more information, call 751-1925 ext. 108, email adrienne@familysoup.org or visit www.familysoup.org


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