Stonyrose Heritage Society will host its inaugural Founders Day Festival in Stonyford on Sunday. 

“We are mainly excited to get everyone together and have a little fun with all that has been going on,” said Jay Sanchinelle-Huttman, founder of the Stonyrose Heritage Society. 

The festivities were originally planned indoors, said Sanchinelle-Huttman, but were adjusted to a street festival due to COVID-19 guidelines.

“Everything will be COVID-19 compliant to keep everyone safe,” said Sanchinelle-Huttman. 

According to Sanchinelle-Huttman, the Colusa County Chamber of Commerce will be providing 3,000 masks and bottles of sanitizer to be used at the festival. 

Sanchinelle-Huttman there will be masks and sanitizer at every vendor booth and additional supplies will be handed out for residents and businesses to use elsewhere while supplies last. 

Festivities will include food, games, music, a photobooth, arts and crafts, vendors selling everything from horseshoe art to jewelry, crystals, antiques, native art and more. 

Sanchinelle-Huttman said he is excited about the food during the event, with El Taco Nazo out of Maxwell returning with an assortment of authentic mexican food. 

“They have come to previous events we have done, and holy moly, the food is fantastic,” said Sanchinelle-Huttman. 

Sanchinelle-Huttman said there will be walking tours that will visit important historical landmarks in town including the museum, which was the original town hall.

According to Sanchinelle-Huttman, museum director Penne Arbanasin will also be holding small classes throughout the day to discuss the importance of salt for the original settlers in addition to making leather gold coin pouches for the kids. 

“The cool thing about her is that she volunteers her time and the materials at every event to make sure the kids have a good time,” said Sanchinelle-Huttman. 

There will also be a raffle and those that purchase anything from sponsored vendors, including food, will receive a ticket for the raffle. 

Sanchinelle-Huttman said the Stonyrose Heritage Society hosts several events throughout the year using donations collected from previous events. 

All sponsored vendors at the event will have a donation can at their table and cash or checks made out to cash are welcome. Those that would like to donate with a card can do so by speaking with an organizer. 

“Your donations are what allow us to continue with our events and to help the community as we do,” said Sanchinelle-Huttman.

According to Sanchinelle-Huttman, the society already has a couple other events in the works including a Halloween Bash Extravaganza and a free Thanksgiving dinner. 

The street fair will be held from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. on Market Street in Stonyford. 

For more information, visit the Stonyrose Heritage Society Facebook page. 


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