How local leaders analyze the situation during a pandemic: Sajit Singh

Williams City Councilmember Sajit Singh. 


Editors Note: As we enter into the fifth month of life amid the COVID-19 pandemic, we reached out to local officials to get their take on the ongoing situation and how there thoughts have changes as we navigate this ever changing time.


Williams City Councilmember Sajit Singh said although he had grave concerns and fears about COVID-19 at the start of the pandemic, he is not as fearful today even though his chances of contracting the virus are now higher. 

Singh said he remains focused on making sure the community is educated about how to slow the spread of the virus as well as the necessary steps that need to be taken should someone contract COVID-19. 

“I’m encouraged by the majority of the populus wearing masks and social distancing - it has taken time, but people overall are taking this seriously,” said Singh. 

According to Singh, social gatherings were the reason for the uptick in positive COVID-19 cases in Colusa County and while cases are now trending downward because more people are compiling with Health Department guidelines, Singh said he has concerns about the continuation of these practices moving forward. 

“When our county opens back up, I’m worried people will become complacent and disregard washing hands, social distancing, and wearing masks,” said Singh. “Stopping the spread is most effective when all three are practiced.”

Singh said the community of Williams has been adapting to these new guidelines while going about their lives the best they can, with many in the agriculture industry working long hours during the season and other local salons, restaurant and retail stores workers uncertain about when and if they are able to get back to work. 

“Regardless of what anyone thinks about COVID; washing hands, social distancing and wearing masks are small sacrifices to open back up,” said Singh.

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