Dear Editor,

In my work, I get to listen to lots of people. Lately, I’ve noticed that many of them seem to be saying the same thing: that they Love Downtown Colusa. Although it is the time of year when professions of love are not uncommon, the sheer volume of mentions seems to point to a deeper momentum.

Sometimes the proclamations of love for Downtown Colusa are a whisper of memory for days gone by.

Other times, it is the hopeful love of new businesses breathing life into a long-empty building.

Critics may conjure the old adage that ‘Love is Blind’- highlighting the problems and obstacles. But maybe it is not so much that Love is Blind, as that Love sees differently.

The original priest Valentine, of ancient Rome, attained sainthood and became St. Valentine in part because of the miracles he performed. One of which was to help a blind girl see again.

As I’m musing about loving Downtown Colusa, it occurs to me that perhaps the miracle St. Valentine performed isn’t so much a miracle as a metaphor... That the real miracle is in seeing the same thing, but with new eyes- the eyes of love.

Any revitalization in any Downtown will always begin within the hearts of its people. It is then spoken into existence with words of hope- and yes, love. So, in this month containing the holiday dedicated to love, I challenge us to wear our hearts on our social media sleeves and to see Downtown Colusa more deeply through the eyes of love. If you #LoveDowntownColusa, don’t be afraid to proclaim it loudly! I promise you, you won’t be alone.

– Kristy Lyn Levings, MBA, Economic Development, Tourism, & Communications Director for the city of Colusa

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