This letter is an open “thank you” to the community of Colusa for assistance given to us recently when our truck broke down while in route to the Draft Horse Classic show in Grass Valley (Sept 19-22).

To the community of Colusa, a hearty thank you for your assistance, hospitality and kindness.

We are Kenn and Susan McCarty and we have Live Oak Belgians of Lake County … a recreational draft horse show and exhibition team (

On the night of September 17, we were hauling our horses from Lake County to the annual Draft Horse Classic show in Grass Valley; this was our 23rd year to participate in this fun and amazing show.  However, at 9 p.m. bad luck struck … as we were on Highway 20 and just passed Highway 16, we lost our transmission.

The tow truck driver dropped our horse trailer in the parking lot at the fairgrounds where we camped out and our truck at Hoblit Chevrolet dealership.

The next morning, the service manager at Hoblit got our truck into the shop immediately.  However, the news was not good.  The obvious repair was easy (a broken transmission fluid line) but no telling if there was deeper damage.  To make matters worse, there was a UAW strike that was making getting parts problematic.  We were already feeling the symptoms of a broken heart that we would not make it to the show.

Our next problem was … we usually travel with hay for the horses, but since this was such a short run, we did not have hay on the trailer but sent our supply over on an earlier load.  (This show always requires taking two trailers of equipment, supplies and horses in two trips.)  So, I walked on down to your local feed store and purchased two bales of hay … however, I had no way to transport it… nor did the feed store at that moment.

So, in thinking through my problem, I decided to put in a call to your Animal Control Officer at the Sheriff’s Department.  She was very sympathetic to my conundrum and assured me that she’d be able to arrange for assistance.  Sure enough, only five minutes later, she called back to say that a volunteer was on her way over to render assistance.  The horses were now happy and she even gave me a ride back to Hoblit.

While setting at Hoblit, my wife texted me that our volunteer angel in a shiny pickup had delivered her some coffee and breakfast and that I could check that task off my list. 

Meanwhile, the part needed for our truck was not in supply … but they had found one at a dealership in Yuba City.  Because of the UAW strike, dealerships were unwilling to outsource their parts… but Hoblit pled our case and a runner delivered it.

Between great service, hospitality and kindness from the community of Colusa, by noon our truck was repaired and we were on our way to Grass Valley. 



– Kenn and Susan McCarty

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