I retired from the Postal Service with over 27 years of service. I worked at the front window, I worked sorting and distributing mail, I worked as a mail delivery person and even worked in the management side of the Postal Service. I have resided in Colusa for almost five years now. Since moving here, I have seen more service failures than I have in my entire service in the post office. A service failure is when mail either does not get distributed and/or mail is consequently not picked up and put in to the mail stream for delivery. 

I mailed or put out a Mother’s Day Card this past week. It sat in the mail box with the flag up for two days before it was picked up to be put in the mail stream and eventually delivered. Consequently, the card did not arrive on time or in time for Mother’s Day. Time sensitive, I believe so. Benjamin Franklin would be so proud!!

Since I moved here August of 2014, I have experienced more days of no operation, SERVICE FAILURES, than I have in my 27 plus years of service in different locations in the United States. Very sad to see the service go down hill like it has!! 

By the way, the Mother’s Day card was received Monday the 13th of May. Better late than never???


–Paul D. Smith


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