Letter to the Editor: Colusa County organizations working together to keep our community safe and healthy

From left to right, Jennifer Diaz, Tana Loudon, Adrianna Orozco, Denise Carter and Janice Bell in front of the Colusa County Chamber of Commerce in Colusa with boxes of personal protective equipment. 


When the COVID Pandemic hit California, there were no hesitations for organizations to step up to the plate while stomping the pavement to help businesses survive. Colusa County Chamber of Commerce wants to send a huge shout out to the many organizations that have collaborated with us during these difficult times:

Colusa County: Board of Supervisors, Public Health, Agricultural Department, Office of

Emergency Services, Community Development Department, County-Wide Churches, Family Action Centers, North Valley Community Foundation, Williams Pioneer and Colusa Sun Herald Newspapers.

There were and still are so many intricate parts at play to support our businesses and community such as PPE items, food distributions, education and outreach, and grants. The Chamber is here to assist.

It has also been an honor to work with businesses such as Colusa Industrial Properties that let us use their shop to store the pallets of surgical masks and hand sanitizer; the City of Williams, Arbuckle Post Office, Maxwell Post Office, Alderson Ranch Supplies and all the volunteers that participated in our County’s Mask Distribution Day; and the spirit of the town getting involved with the Scarecrow Contest, Candidate’s Nights and the Trunk or Treat events.

It has been an amazing ride while having those we admire and respect at the helm supporting the Colusa County Chamber of Commerce’s endeavors to keep our community safe and healthy. It is easy to fall into the fatigue of this pandemic therefore we wanted to let you know how much we appreciate you!!

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