Colusa County Sun-Herald 

To the Editor.

A recent article published by the Sun Herald December 2020, Survey says Colusa County needs a better balance of healthy and accessible products in stores, inspired me to reflect on the last few years. What I thought was a trend that would soon come to an end has truly become a nightmare. More and more young people are using e-cigarettes.

Over the last 4-5 years I have become alarmingly aware of the use of E-cigarettes by youth in this area. In the last few years, I have noticed many of the youth, including my niece and nephews (ages 18-21) have come into more freedom due to attending college and working full time. I have noticed among their friends that several of them use e-cigarettes and think nothing of it. I have asked them if they know the dangers of such actions and they say, it’s “safe” or smokeless so it is “not harmful”; this is just not true. Also, the appealing smells make it so they can easily conceal their nicotine use from parents and at work, enabling them to use this product with more ease in a variety of places without detection. All the while thinking that they are not causing harm to their body because they are not smoking in the traditional sense. This misinformation worries me for them and for the future of other kids, especially those who will soon be coming of age and will have the same freedom that comes with college, young adulthood, and the financial freedom of having a full-time job. Aside from educating our youth with accurate information about the risks of these products, we must take a further step.

To help reduce or prevent the use of e-cigarettes among youth we must ensure that stores are not selling these products to minors. Local ordinances can help prevent youth from purchasing these items. That is why we encourage our city to pass a local ordinance that will restrict the sale of flavored tobacco products, including flavored e-cigarettes.


Alejandra Santos

City of Colusa Resident.

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