Mendocino National Forest seeks input for campground area restoration

The charred remains of a wooden bridge lies smoldering in the Hammerhorn Campground after the 2020 August Complex wildfire. 


Mendocino National Forest staff are seeking input on a proposal to reforest and improve safety around a campground that was heavily impacted by the 2020 August Complex wildfire.

According to a press release, the Hammerhorn Campground Restoration and Salvage Project would entail removing dead and dying trees around the campground and vicinity roads, as well as preparing and replanting sites not likely to regenerate to previously forested conditions because of the high tree mortality. 

The Hammerhorn Campgrounds is located about 17 miles northwest of Covelo and is adjacent to the Yolla Bolly-Middle Eel Wilderness. The campground and surrounded area experienced high-severity wildfire during the August Complex resulting in 75 percent or greater tree mortality and vegetation loss. 

According to the press release, dead and fire-damaged trees on up to 250 acres of the campground would be made available for sale through a stewardship agreement, allowing proceeds to be directed back to the area’s rehabilitation. No actions are proposed within the Yolla Bolly-Middle Eel Wilderness. 

While trees presenting hazards to campers and motorists will be the primary focus, patches of high tree mortality within the 250-acre project area could also be logged to make room for future replanting. A percentage of trees, including those dead, suitable for forest propagation or wildfire habitat will be retained. 

Mendocino officials issued a letter requesting feedback on the proposed project. Comments citing specific concerns that are submitted during the comment period allow the commentor legal standing to object to the final decision whether to proceed with the project. Comments are due by May 10.

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