There are several COVID-19 testing sites open and available for the residents of the Yuba-Sutter-Colusa region to utilize free of charge.

According to the Colusa County Department of Health and Human Services Director Elizabeth Kelly, the Colusa County has received 4,800 testing kits which have been distributed to health care providers within the community including Colusa Medical Center and it’s affiliated clinics in Arbuckle, Colusa and Williams, Colusa Indian Health, Valley West Care facility and the Ampla Health facilities located in Colusa and Arbuckle. 

All of these facilities have testing capabilities and will test those that are not part of their patient care population. To utilize the Ampla Health facilities, individuals are required to make an appointment to be tested by calling the office.

Individuals that are not already patients at Colusa Indian Health can get tested at this location if they call ahead. 

The Department of Public Health will also keep some tests to be used or jail health and additional distribution according to need, according to their website. 

Yuba-Sutter County Health Officer Dr. Phuong Luu said the new OptumServe site at the Veterans Hall in Yuba City, which has been open since May 4, is free to everyone and has a simple five-question online registration process that can be completed at 

“The OptumCare site in Yuba City can accommodate up to 132 tests every day, but so far it has been underutilized by our community,” said Luu. “On any given day, they have seen about 40 to 70 individuals.  More need to take advantage of this free testing.”

Peach Tree Health and Ampla Health are also able to test, said Luu. 

According to Luu, when more people get tested and the positive cases get into quarantine, there is less of a chance of the deadly virus reaching those in our community who are frail and may not survive an infection.

“If you get tested for COVID-19 and the results come back negative, then at that point you have affirmation that everything you have done to protect yourself and your family has worked,” said Luu. “If the test comes back positive, then you have another opportunity to protect your family, friends, and coworkers by quarantining.”

For those that feel a little uneasy getting tested, Luu said although it can be scary, getting tested and wearing a facial covering are two ways you can let others know that you care enough to protect them from the possibility that you are unknowingly carrying the virus.

“It’s simple human nature to think that when you feel fine, then there is probably nothing wrong with you, and that’s the scary and unpredictable part of COVID-19,” said Luu. “You can carry this illness with you for days and not even know it, not even when you visit an elderly parent or a friend with a serious heart problem.”

Luu also said that anyone who is experiencing symptoms associated with COVID-19 should get tested as well.

“As should those who have a household family member or someone with whom they have been in close contact who has tested positive for the virus,” said Luu.

According to Luu, symptoms include fever, cough, chills, sore throat, headaches, shortness of breath, and a new low of taste or smell.

As of Tuesday, there have been seven confirmed cases of COVID-19 within Colusa County and a total of 498 negative tests have been reported. 

For more information about local testing sites, visit

COVID-19 testing locations


In-county testing locations:

Colusa Health Clinic

151 E. Webster St., Colusa


Colusa Indian Health Clinic

3710 Hwy 45, Suite A, Colusa


AMPLA Health – Colusa

555 Fremont St., Colusa


Williams Health Clinic

501 E St Suite B, Williams


AMPLA Health – Arbuckle

89 Putnam Way, Arbuckle 476-2200

Arbuckle Health Clinic

900 King Ct., Arbuckle 


Colusa Medical Center

199 E. Webster Street, Colusa, 


Out of county testing locations: 

OptumServe State of California Testing Site at Sutter County-Veteran’s Hall

1425 Veterans Memorial Circle, Yuba City

Register Online: https://

Register by phone: 


Peach Tree Health 

Corner of 5th and H St., Marysville


Ampla Health – Yuba City

1000 Sutter St., Yuba City


Glenn Medical Center

1133 W Sycamore St., Willows


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