Jesse Cain opens a valve at the city’s upgraded wastewater treatment plant when it opened in 2008.

The Colusa City Council has approved a new lease agreement for the city’s Wastewater Treatment Plant Lab, a facility that has gone unused for the last four years. 

The lab has been leased to Colusa Certified and will be used for cannabis testing, said Mayor Greg Ponciano. 

As part of the terms of the lease agreement, Colusa Certified will pay the city $10 per sample tested. 

“We are anticipating $500 per day, five days a week,” said Colusa City Manager Jesse Cain. 

Ponciano said the calculations for a pay-by-the-sample lease were much more profitable then a standard rate lease agreement would have been and all of the profits from the lease will go into the city’s water and sewage budget. 

“The lab has been sitting dormant for years,” Ponciano said. “We wanted to take advantage of this opportunity and fill a need within the community.” 

Cain said the City wastewater treatment plant, along with the lab, was built in 2008 and leased to Serria Foothill Lab until they went out of business four years ago.

The lab is expected to be up and running under the new management in ten months. 

“They will need to install a security system and go through the States licensing process,” Cain said. 

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