Nine families in Arbuckle achieved the dream of homeownership on Monday through their own hard work, with assistance from NeighborWorks Sacramento and additional financial support from our community partners. 

According to a release issued by the NeighborWorks HomeOwnership Center, Sacramento Region, each family spent several months working as the construction crew for their own home, building “sweat equity” as part of the homeownership program. 

“The families are typically from underrepresented communities, who face often insurmountable barriers to achieving homeownership through other pathways,” read the release.

The home building program received private-sector support from the Yocha Wintun

Nation, a Native American tribe in Brooks, California, in partnership with Wells Fargo and US Bank.

“Generous contributions have made a significant impact, and led to the success of this program,” said Jorge Gonzalez, NeighborWorks’ HomeOwnership Planner.

A ribbon-cutting ceremony marked the accomplishment for the new homeowners and took place despite challenges to the project from supply chain and worksite interruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the release, the homes are high-quality, modern-construction dwellings with attached garages and yard space for the kids to get out and stretch their legs. 

“An additional benefit to the owner-builder approach is that each family will be better positioned to repair and maintain their new homes because they have first-hand knowledge of how those homes were constructed,” it was stated in the release.

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