Re: Arbuckle Train Depot

On Sept. 27, the William Pioneer Review newspaper published an article about the Arbuckle Revitalization Committee and their vision to renovate the Arbuckle Train Depot. 

While I have always applauded local citizen involvement in community endeavors for the betterment of the whole, I would like to bring to the attention of our community a few questions the Pioneer Review article raises.

Key points not covered in the Pioneer Review article: $46k coming from the Arbuckle Revitalization Committee? Do they have that much money? If so, how much do they have? Or is this money coming from the Arbuckle Parks & Recreation District budget? If so, is that a proper use of taxpayer funds? There were no details on the “federal grant” through Caltrans that is supposedly available. If the ultimate goal is a Museum/Visitor Center, the facility will need sewer/water/power, ADA compliance, restroom facilities, parking, etc. How much is the local government, local taxpayers willing to put into this? $1 million? $2 million? Who is staffing this Museum/Visitor Center? Is it supposed to be volunteers? Is there a committee that has already shown interest in handling the project? Arbuckle isn't necessarily a tourist destination, who will be visiting this center? 

Other local jurisdictions, like the City of Live Oak, spent considerable taxpayer money on renovating their Depot. How has that worked out? I believe the Live Oak depot sits empty after initial attempts to occupy their depot as a visitor center and most recently a failed pizza parlor in the building.

Perhaps this depot, in its current condition, could be offered to the state railroad museum in Sacramento, they would know a good thing when the see it.I appreciate your consideration to publish my informative concerns in their entirety.

Michael Sisto

College City

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