Regarding the revitalization of the Arbuckle Depot, it seems to me that it would be a waste of money. The building is in such bad shape I do not believe there is much to salvage there.

Constructing a new building would be costly and probably a waste of money. 

The idea of the visitor center attracting a lot of tourists is unrealistic. Arbuckle does not have a lot of out of town traffic because there is nothing here to draw them in. 

An annual car show is just that. It may attract visitors, but it is only held annually, so the idea of staffing it for a once a year event does not make sense.

The Lavanche Hursh Park looks amazing and is a nice place for the locals to hang out, have a flea market and other functions every so often. I would suggest investing the money for the depot into something more productive for the community. I believe the depot would be a waste of time and money for a proposed museum as other museums in the surrounding areas do not draw enough attendance to pay for the utilities to keep the museum running.

I work very closely with another museum and get these facts first hand.

Lee Traynham


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