Re: Highway 45

I am writing to express my concern about a dangerous condition I experienced while driving on Highway 45 in Colusa County in October.

On Oct. 18, I was driving from Princeton toward Colusa. The agricultural harvest of walnuts was underway and I noticed harvesting underway near the highway by large clouds of dust being generated by a farming operation. I reduced my speed to about 40 mph when I was engulfed by a blanket of dust that reduced visibility to zero. I immediately began further braking but discovered a large commercial truck stopped on the highway without blinkers on. I suspect the driver of this big rig could not see to drive either. The collision occurred with my speed at about 35 mph. I was the only injured party and was taken to Rideout Regional Medical Center where, after a six-hour wait in the emergency department, was discharged to my home.

In the weeks that have followed this incident I have discovered that the California Highway Patrol maintains no jurisdiction over agricultural caused impaired visibility on the state highways. 

Farming operations are not required to post “flaggers” or other warning precautions when their actions are causing driving conditions to rise to high risk conditions.

All who drive in this region of California have experienced similar driving conditions, and may have been in similar accidents or experienced “close calls” while driving. I am suggesting our legislators consider appropriate legislation to: Require the highway patrol to issue citations to those responsible for causing visual or other driving impairments (flooding of highways, etc.). 

Secondly, require farming operations to post “flaggers” or other warning devices when they are creating dust, smoke, water or other dangerous conditions on our highways.

Perhaps simple solutions such as those I am recommending will improve safety for all who drive in this area.

Roger Simon


Re: Thanksgiving Dinner report

Once again, the Annual Community Thanksgiving Dinner was able to provide a delicious hot meal to an estimated 60 people, an increase from the 2016 dinner.  Twenty-six dinners were delivered to those who live at the Jaconetti Center to individuals, whose names were provided by the Center staff.  Meals on Wheels provided 16 names that they routinely provide meals for. And seven who requested that a meal be delivered and those that were considered by the Community Workers would benefit from a Holiday Meal.  One-hundred and nine total meals were served by the volunteers who graciously gave of their time, talents and donations.

Without the support of the Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic, Trinity Methodist, Colusa Assembly of God, St. Stephens Episcopal and the First Presbyterian Church’s in the community, others of the community who brought cooked turkeys or turkeys to be cooked, ham, the Rocco;s, Market Street Grill, Selover’s, Sankey Family, Sacramento River Fire Department Social for donating and cooking hams and turkeys.  

Thanks to Barbara O’Connell who donated persimmons and pomegranates to be share those who enjoy the dinner. The deserts that were donated filled a serving table, but little was left afterward.

Fourteen turkeys were provided, cooked, as well as six hams, carved by a six-person team.  The hostess/greeter, kitchen staff, serving line preparation, refreshment, serving line, desert, pots and pan washing was a team effort by many who rotated as the day continued.  We want to thank all who contributed by meat, deserts and other donation’s, as well as many come to work at whatever task needed  be done, including the cleanup detail. A special thanks to those who provide music during the meal time.

If we failed to mention anyone or group, please excuse us, for we certainly appreciated all those involved. We are looking forward to hopefully provide this opportunity to our community in 2018.

Thank you,

Robin Rauch

Event Coordinator

Len Bolen

Support Coordinator

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