Thumbs up, down

Both good and bad can be gained from looking at the past

First off, we want to again wish all of our readers, advertisers and employees – plus their families – a happy and healthy holiday season. 

And with Christmas and the new year right around the corner, we started our two-part year in review feature in today’s paper.

When picking these items, we look at which stories had the biggest impact on our communities.

That means you’ll find some items that certainly have positive messages, while others that some people might not want to read again. We understand that aspect and respect it.

But as content producers and editors of a newspaper, it is our job to highlight both the ups and downs of the year. We do this to gather a sort of representation of the major events of the year, not to highlight one negative aspect or pile on about a certain issue.

And as they say, the best thing about studying and reflecting on the past is to learn from mistakes and build from there.

Thumbs down

So much judgment and hatred on social media

 Not really a local topic on this one, but we just have to say that we wish people would be more considerate and less hateful on these new forms of communication.

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