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A heartfelt thank-you to employees, readers and advertisers as we turn the calendar

With a fast-paced news cycle most of the year chock full of community events and more, it can often times be difficult to take a step back and thank all of those who make our operation possible. 

The holidays, unfortunately for news lovers, often seem to lead to a bit of a slowdown in the breaking news department. 

The good news for us is that it gives us the chance to offer those thank yous.

So, first off, we have to say that we wouldn’t be able to present this platform for community journalism without the hard work of our staff. Things have gotten a lot tighter at a lot of newspapers, including ours, so the extra effort is appreciated. 

Secondly, it’s safe to say there wouldn’t be much use in distributing our product if there wasn’t a demand and a readership. So we thank all of you readers out there, whether you’re receiving the physical newspaper at home or browsing our website.

Last, but not least, is a big shout out to our advertisers, clients and partners.

Our goal is always to provide objective and complete journalism, but we wouldn’t be able to afford the platforms to do so without those who choose us to share their business messages and otherwise.

So, off we go into 2018, which we hope is another great year!

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