Remember all of that Proposition 1 bond funding that Californians approved at the ballot box a few years ago?

Well, it was largely advertised as funding for projects such as Sites Reservoir.

But it’s no guarantee, as we’re finding out.

Sites received an initial public benefit score of 0.4 earlier this month from the California Water Commission, after it received credit for wildlife refuge improvements, flood control and recreation. 

However, the commission requested the Sites Project Authority provide more information before a score could be given for the project’s environmental benefits for salmon and delta smelt.

We agree with many of our local leaders and officials that this project makes a lot of sense for the state, and we hope it gains some more traction with the commission. 

The authority will have a chance in the coming months to bolster its pitch for some of that Prop. 1 funding, it said in a press release.

“The Sites Project Authority is confident that the project provides unique environmental benefits that will improve conditions for salmon and delta smelt,” said Fritz Durst, chairperson for the authority, in the press release. “We are looking forward to a serious commitment from the state to benefit the stressed environmental resources in the Sacramento Valley watershed.” 

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