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Proposal to ban tackling in youth football a bad one

We can’t say we’re surprised by the number of people who have come out and attacked a legislative proposal to ban tackling in football until high school.

Safety has deservedly become a much more prominent topic in the sport in recent years, but we can’t quite figure out the point of this one. 

You can read more about what local parents and coaches had to say about the idea in today’s front page story, but, overall, we have to say that it’s quite possible that more injuries could arise if youths aren’t taught the proper way to tackle. 

If they just show up in high school and try to figure it out, we might just end up with even more serious head injuries.

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Calling all candidates

Another front page story today takes a look ahead at the primary election in June. We know, there is still time for candidates to file.

But at the current rate it seems that our democratic process is a bit lacking in most of the races.

That’s not to say, at all, that we are encouraging people to run because we dislike the incumbents, but rather see more candidates as a healthy part of the process.

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