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Possibility of affiliation between hospitals sounds

like a good prospect 

Other than the incredibly sad news in two of stories on today’s front page, we wanted to highlight the bright prospects of the article at the bottom of the page.

Apparently nearing a financial situation similar to one that closed Colusa Medical Center for some time, a group has stepped in to prevent the same thing from happening to Glenn Medical Center.

That group should be a familiar one to those of us in Colusa County, though it now goes by something other than American Specialty Healthcare.

The outfit is now known as American Advanced Management, and its president and CEO Gia Smith said the move could eventually lead to a strong partneship between the Colusa and Glenn hospitals.

“We’ll be bringing many different specialties to both clinics,” Smith said. “Doctors will bounce between both facilities to ensure each hospital has access to quality health care.”

That sounds like a solid plan for all parties involved, as we know too well the plight of many rural hospitals, clinic and medical centers. 

The sharing of regional resources sounds like one of the best ways counties like Colusa and Glenn can fight the problem. 

It may take time to see if the hospitals become sisters in the long run, but we commend Smith’s leadership for the principle.

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