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Another failing grade in tobacco ordinances is disappointing

As we grudgingly noted in today’s paper, Colusa County joined Yuba and Sutter in flunking when it comes to ordinances aimed at tobacco use. 

The American Lung Association recently released its State of Tobacco Control 2018 California Local Grades. The report analyzes state laws, county ordinances and city codes each under three categories: smoke-free outdoor air, smoke-free housing and reducing sales of tobacco products.

Granted, sometimes the letter system is a bit unfair when it comes to some categories, but overall, this sort of news is troubling.

It seems that we’ve reported every year on some poor findings, and we hope things can be turned around in the future. 

There is an obvious decision by the individual as to whether he or she uses tobacco products, but it’s such a societal issue that it seems everything possible should be done to prevent such use.

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Here’s to the Farm Show in its 53rd year

We worked pretty hard in putting together the special preview section for this year’s Colusa Farm Show, and we hope you check it out and are able to make it out to the event. 

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