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A tragic event on Interstate 5 has us feeling great sorrow

Some of the details aren’t yet clear and there will be more to report on, but for now all we can say is that today’s lead story on the front page was one we worked on with much sadness: The deaths of five people from Williams after a reported wrong-way driver collided with their vehicle.

Any loss of life from such a preventable act is upsetting, but there’s something particularly depressing about so many young people whose lives were cut short.

It is truly a sad time.

From the sadness, however, we have already seen the Williams community begin to rally around the families in their time of great need. 

In addition to the GoFundMe account that is already making great gains, included with the story on today’s page 2 is a listing of a few donation or fundraiser events that we were made aware of. 

Please let us know of any more, or if you see any other acts of kindness during this time, by emailing

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New library program sounds like a great deal

We can’t decide what’s better at this point: The fact the Zip Books program is available locally or the fact that its arrival means there is still a great demand and interest in library books! 

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