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It might be easy to overlook, but that fruit can be eaten!

With a drop in temperatures and a turn in the seasons comes an abundance of ripe and bright fruit on trees all across the Mid-Valley. 

We have to say that it’s pretty disheartening when we see some of that fruit just sitting there ... and sitting there ... until it rots and splats on the ground.

There are some operations in larger cities where volunteers go around and pick the fruit from trees, assuming they receive the go-ahead from owners.

That might be an option someday in the future. 

But in the meantime, we ask all of you with fruit trees to reconsider letting the bounty go to waste. There are some tips included in today’s front page article. 

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All fall athletes deserve kudos, not just all-league ones

On today’s sports page you’ll find a listings of all-area honorees from throughout Colusa County.

And while these student-athletes are the ones who may have earned more recognition for their performances, we also find it important to give a sort of broad shout-out to all who participated in sports this fall.

It takes something to try out, practice and perform at the high school level, and we commend all of those who did so.

Now, we’ll see how far our area teams can go as the winter season progresses.

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