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Sen. Nielsen honors Sites advocate as Woman of the Year

It’s wonderful to see local women recognized for their contributions to areas once exclusive to men; and we think this honor was certainly deserved.

Mary Wells was named Woman of the Year by state Sen. Jim Nielsen for her contribution to the Sites Reservoir project. Wells unselfishly dedicated her family land to the project because she recognizes the impact it will have on the community as a whole.

“Water storage is crucial to future generations, and we as a family, are willing to make the sacrifice to  give up our family land,” Wells said. 

Not everyone is willing to donate so much of their personal property for the greater good, but Wells’s decision certainly speaks to her character and sense of civic duty.

“Throughout my lifetime, I have found achieving good policies and actions to be rewarding. But this honor really highlights my many years of work in water, agriculture and women in agriculture,” Wells said Monday.

We applaud Nielsen’s choice to honor Wells for her contribution to the project; hopefully this distinction will help get Sites Reservior off the ground.

Sites Reservoir could be fully constructed between 2022 and 2029, if approved. The California Water Commission is reviewing 10 other project requests that have been submitted, each vying for the $2.7 million grant.

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