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Boy, this gas tax is going to be tough on a lot of people

Today is the day. 

No, not the day in which every trick-of-treater tries to best hide their candy from their parents and siblings, but a much more serious day.

Today is the day that the 12-cent gas tax increase goes into effect across that state.

That’s per gallon, and it’s 20 cents if you’re using diesel. 

That diesel part might not seem like a concern in some urban areas, but it sure worries us in agriculture-focused ones.

The bottom line is that the increase in taxes is going to hurt a lot of people and impact lives, and it’s not like gasoline was cheap in the state before and we’re just catching up to the rest of the U.S.

As the story on today’s front page notes: 

On Tuesday, California’s statewide average of $3.04 per gallon was about 57 cents higher than the national average and the highest in the continental U.S., according to AAA.

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Quick hire for interim CEO and success of Pumpkin Village

 We wrote in this space last week about how we hoped things would turn out well for the county fairgrounds after the termination of CEO Jonathan Howard.

Well, as you can see on today’s front page as well, we’re happy to report that newly appointed interim CEO Laura Ford has a lot of experience with the Farm Show and the fairgrounds in general.

It seems like a solid choice by the board of directors, and Ford will have a chance to apply for the full-time position once that time comes.

And speaking of good news at the fairgrounds, it sounds like Pumpkin Village was a real hit this year. 

All of the people involved deserve some praise for how it all went off, including the high numbers of volunteers that played a key role and can often be overlooked.

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