Some great stories with veterans

We like to report on such good-news stories

Other than the mention of the tragic shooting spree to the north in Tehama County, we dedicated most of today’s front page to a couple of uplifting and heartwarming stories about veterans.

The top story is about an event that we like to cover every year, the Veterans Day function at Egling Middle School. 

It sounds like the students and veterans alike were pretty excited about the experience.

“I started this nine years ago with a couple of veterans,” said Mark Abbay, a fifth-grade teacher at Egling Middle School. “I thought it was a good idea for our school to honor veterans, it gives us a chance to say ‘thank you.’ We have a lot of kids with military family members in the community.”

We hope we can continue to cover the function in the future.

The second story pertains to veteran Mo Akhtar getting a free house in Williams for him and his family. 

You read that right, the deed to a house! 

The home was a gift to Akhtar through the Military Warriors Support Foundation and Wells Fargo.

He is completely deserving of such a gift, as his service record notes in the story:

While deployed in Iraq, Akhtar was heavily involved in intelligence operations because of his fluency in Arabic. He suffered injuries when a vehicle IED (improvised explosive device) struck a police station where his platoon was entrenched; afterward, Akhtar was honorably discharged from the Marine Corps in 2005.

The best part about the house, we think, is that a family can once again come together.

“As a military family, we know what sacrifice means,” Akhtar said. “We’ve been separated for three years because I needed to be here for the house, but come January or February, we won’t have to put family on hold anymore.”

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