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This attempt to reform the juvenile justice system seems totally unjust

Legislation awaiting Gov. Jerry Brown’s approval is not only opening wounds locally but just seems like a bad idea. 

As reported on thoroughly by Kayla Webster on today’s front page,  Senate Bill 394 changes the rules for the sentences of crimes committed by minors. If passed, convicted murderers who were under the age of 18 when the crime was committed will be able to qualify for parole after serving 25 years in prison. Even those sentenced to life without parole will qualify. 

If Brown signs the bill, then Nathan Ramazzini, one of Erik Ingebretsen’s murderers, will be eligible for parole in five years.

We recounted some of the horrific scenes from the 16-year-old’s murder and the trial that followed.

We did that not for family and the community to grieve again, but to illustrate just how brutal the circumstances were. 

Rehabiliation and reform are the name of the game in the criminal justice system now, as it seems budget cuts and overpopulation  worries supercede the rights of victims and their families. 

But a murder like this should never be forgiven, we feel.

There’s no guarantee that Ramazzini would be granted parole, but to even have the possibility seems out of line and unfair. 

We hope many of our readers make their voices heard and reach out to the governor’s office.

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For a good rice harvest

A wet winter followed by a long, hot summer initially delayed the region’s rice harvest a bit.

But it sounds like things are getting back on track, we hope, so that one of our premier products is on the right track.

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