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River cleanup is a great event, and news is encouraging

We were glad to see about 40 volunteers turn out for the Sacramento River cleanup over the weekend.

And while the areas being addressed were in Colusa County, we find it important to point out that we are talking about a river here.

So trash in and around the water would likely someday find itself downstream if not for being picked up by volunteers.

That said, we hope more of these events spring up in the Sacramento Valley in the future, so that there is even less trash finding its way to Colusa County. 

In the end, we were struck by this quote, which we couldn’t agree with any more.

“We had another successful event; there was less trash than years past, which shows less littering,” said Kevin Foley, program sustainability manager for Premier Mushrooms, and the event organizer. “Eventually we want to come out here and have nothing to clean up.”

So, hats off to Premier Mushrooms and the volunteers for doing one heck of a job out there.

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To the terrifying violence in Vegas and the immediate blame game that followed

Our hearts ache for all of the people impacted by the horrible and cowardly acts committed by a lone gunman in Las Vegas at a country concert on Sunday night.

There can be no reason for such violence to occur. It’s beyond reason, we feel.

And, as expected, instead of focusing on the loss of others and the heroic acts of countless people, the conversation seems to have already landed in the political realm.

Calls for gun control immediately after such tragedies don’t quite give people time to cope. Can’t we just give it some time?

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