Twelve people gathered outside of the Colusa County Courthouse Tuesday as part of a national day of protest against recent abortion ban rulings in states across the country. 

Twelve people gathered in front of the Colusa County Courthouse Tuesday to rally in support of abortion rights.

“This county is not accustomed to having any type of political protest so we consider 12 people a great success,” said Jennifer Roberts, co-leader of Indivisible Colusa County.

Invisible Colusa County held this rally as part of a national day of action protesting the recent wave of extreme bans on abortion in several states including Alabama, Missouri and Georgia. Nearly 400 pro-choice rallies were anticipated to happen onTuesday in all 50 states and Puerto Rico as part of this national effort. 

“In California, a woman’s right to choose is not under attack,” Roberts said. “But Californians must stand up to attempts in other states to criminalize abortion and control women’s bodies. We can’t stay silent and let an extremist minority chip away at women’s rights.”

Many people were outraged when Alabama governor Kay Ivey signed a law earlier this month making abortion a felony unless a necessary for the health of the mother. Under the new law, no exception for cases of rape or incest were made.

Other states have made similar rulings, like approving bans on abortion as early as the sixth week of pregnancy.

None of the laws have taken effect yet, and all are expected to be blocked by the courts.

“I worry about the women most affected by the bans,” said Tami Coder, a Williams resident and a member of Indivisible Colusa. “Women with money can always travel to another state to get medical services. But a lot of women, especially women of color, low-income women and women in rural areas, just can’t afford to do that.” 

Abortion has been legal in the United States since the Supreme Court made its ruling in the Roe v. Wade hearings in 1973. 

Indivisible Colusa County is a volunteer-led group aimed at highlighting the voices of the county’s Democrats and progressive citizens by advocacy and electoral work at the local, state and national level. They meet the first Monday of each month. For more information, visit 

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