Protesting to raise awareness about the Black Lives Matter movement

Protesters gathered at the intersection of Hillgate and Wildwood Roads in Arbuckle on Tuesday to show their support for the Black Lives Matter movement.


After a week in Williams and a week in Colusa, protests co-organized by Indivisible Colusa County and the Colusa County Democrats will be in Arbuckle this week. 

“Our goal is to continue to raise awareness throughout the county about the issue of police brutality in America,” said Linda Masuhara, protest organizer and member of Indivisible Colusa County. “We also hope to demonstrate to Colusa County residents that protesting in support of Black Lives Matter can be done peacefully and without any incidents of violence or rioting or looting.”

Masuhara said she chose to carry a flag with my sign that says “Justice 4 All” because, as a retired elementary teacher, she taught her students to say the pledge of allegiance everyday.

“I feel that our country has failed at living up to those words,” said Masuhara. “Especially in regards to how our law enforcement agencies and criminal justice system treats Black Americans. My hope is that we will now finally figure out a way to live up to the great words of our nation’s promises to its citizens.”

From Monday through Friday, protesters will be gathering on the sidewalk at the intersection of Hillgate and Wildwood Roads in Arbuckle, near Dollar General, from 9:30-10 a.m. with signs  like Masuhara’s, expressing their support for the movement.

Masuhara said the first week of protesting in Williams two weeks ago went well, with the majority of people driving by showing support. The group also participated in the youth-led Black Lives Matter protest held in Colusa on June 10 and were inspired to continue their efforts. 

“Because we got such a great response there we decided to continue to raise the awareness in the city of Colusa by having morning protests every day last week,” said Masuhara. 

Those that wish to participate in the Arbuckle protest are asked to wear a mask, practice social distancing and bring a sign that can be easily read by passing cars. 

For more information, call 454-5056.

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