A second round of grant funding is being offered to small businesses throughout Colusa Colusa as part of their Coronavirus Relief Fund spending.

The Colusa County Board of Supervisors approved a CARES Act spending plan in August to utilize the $2.2 million dollars allotted to the county by the state’s Coronavirus Relief Fund in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

A large portion of these funds - $1,000,000 - was allocated to four community investment programs, including one ded

icated to small business support. 

Since approved, the county has distributed more than $200,000 to local businesses, including many within the cities of Colusa and Williams. 

Due to the significant amount of funds allocated, the county announced on Friday that businesses with 25 or fewer employees are eligible for up to $10,000 additional  grant funding during this second round, according to a release issued by the county. 

Businesses with fewer than five employees that applied for the first round of grant funding are also eligible for an additional $5,000. 

“All businesses that were required to close due to state health orders that were unable to apply during the first round of funding are eligible for up to an additional $10,000,” read the release. 

According to the release, the maximum combined grant award amount from the two rounds of CRF Business Grant Program funding is $20,000.

“Grant funds may be used to mitigate lost revenue due to business interruptions or closure and other expenditures incurred due to the COVID-19 public health emergency,” stated the release.

There is no repayment requirement, read the release, and funds may be used on expenses including payroll and benefit costs, unemployment insurance costs incurred by the recipient as an employer; rent or mortgage payments; utility costs; inventory supplies required to safely reopen the business, including Personal Protective Equipment, disinfectants and sanitizers; and expenditures to adapt spaces for outdoor services or dining.

“The goal of the grant program is to provide a temporary source of emergency capital to help local businesses sustain operations and address COVID-19 related financial impacts,” it was stated in the release. 

While most small businesses within the county will qualify for this program, businesses in the cannabis industry, national chains that are not locally owned, religious organizations and gambling establishments are not eligible. A complete list of eligibility requirements can be found in the grant application packet.

The applications can be completed online at https://www.countyofcolusa.org/925/Community-and-Economic-Development

Grant applications not completed online can be mailed to or dropped off at the Colusa County Community Development Department, 220 Twelfth Street, Colusa, Ca, 95932.

Applications will be accepted through Oct. 14 at 4 p.m.

Grant recipients will be required to submit evidence that their funds have been spent in a timely manner and for the purpose stated in the application by no later than Dec. 30 and any unspent funds must be returned to Colusa County at that time. 

For more information, call Tana Loudon at 458-0486 or tloudon@countyofcolusa.com


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