Helena Harris

Helena Harris went to all the schools in Colusa County School District to educate students on  CPR and first aid procedures.

There were almost 100 gun related incidents on school campuses across the country last year – leading students to look for solutions to protect classrooms from the harm, help those that may have been injured and raise awareness of safety concerns.

In nearly 50 years, gun related incidents have risen slowly, but stayed fairly low until 2018 when there were 96 cases reported by the Center for Homeland Defense and Security, Naval Postgraduate School. 

With the rise of gun-related incidents, Colusa High School student Helena Harris decided to make her senior project something that could benefit the school in years to come.

She wrote a letter in November 2018 that said she wanted all members of the Colusa Unified School District to be more informed and equipped for emergency situations.

In the letter, she said  all classrooms in Colusa County currently are supplied basic first aid kits and she would like to have those changed to trauma first aid kits, which include gauze, dressings, gloves, a marker and a tourniquet.

“Coming up with the idea, I wanted to educate and equip those in my area with the knowledge and skill do something in an emergency situation,” Harris said.

She proposed raising $3,000 to buy 75 kits for each classroom in the community.

“So far, we are about half way there,” Harris said. “It’s exciting.”

Harris wants to become a nurse, so her senior project allows her more than one way to complete a goal and prepare for her future.

She has gone through multiple CPR and first aid trainings, so she has been able to lead the discussion at the schools in her community.

“I’ve gone to all the schools in Colusa,” she said. “I’ve showed them how to properly apply a tourniquet and perform CPR. I’ve done interactive trainings and presentations at the schools to give them as much information as I possibly could.”

She said she wanted to take her project one step further and do as much as she could to benefit the area.

“School shootings have become such a reality now,” Harris said. “But I want to open it up to more than just school shootings. What about hunting accidents or anything else of that nature …”

Harris wants the people of the community to be able to provide aid to anyone who may need immediate assistance in an emergency situation.

Harris signed her National Letter of Intent with Dominican University of California on Nov. 14, where she will continue her career in softball as she studies for her Bachelors of Science in Nursing.

To donate to help raise money for the trauma kits, make checks out to Colusa High School ASB, and mail them to Colusa High School, 901 Colusa Ave., Colusa.

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