To slow the spread of COVID-19, a shelter in place directive was issued by Colusa County Public Health Officer Dr. Gregory Burt Thursday evening. 

“All individuals currently living within Colusa County are directed to shelter at their place of residence, except for those persons needing to perform essential activities, such as seeking healthcare services, and other limited exemptions,” read a release issued by the County’s Health and Human Services Department. 

The Directive will go into effect at 11:59 p.m. March 20 and continue through April 10. 

According to the release, the directive limits activity, travel and business functions to only the most essential needs in an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19 while protecting those most vulnerable. 

Under the directive, essential activity includes buying food, groceries or supplies, obtaining medical care and prescriptions, working at a business that’s deemed essential, maintaining an essential governmental function or caring for a family member or pet in another household.

“Colusa County Public Health is committed to protect the health of our community,” said Burt. “Based on the number of increasing occurrences of COVID-19 in surrounding counties and throughout California, these measures are necessary to protect the health of our residents and slow the spread of COVID-19.”

According to the release, exemptions to this directive are particularly important to the agricultural community within the county. 

“Farming, food processing and distribution facilities, and their support businesses are ‘essential businesses’ and may continue to operate under this directive,” read the release. 

The directive comes after Burt issued an emergency declaration for the County on Wednesday night.

These actions have been executed in an effort to be proactive, read the release, allowing the County to expedite the planning and response to potential coronavirus cases while making additional resources available to the County, help to limit and slow the community spread of the virus and preserve the limited capacity of healthcare in the county. 

As of Thursday evening, there have been no confirmed cases of coronavirus in the county but there were at least six test results pending, according to a joint statement released by city and county officials on Thursday. According to the statement, the city of Colusa, the city of Williams and Colusa County officials are working together to provide a “coordinated and consistent” plan moving forward in this rapidly evolving situation. 

Updated information about the coronavirus in Colusa County will be posted at as it becomes available.

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