Since August, motorists traveling State Route 20 between Yuba City and Colusa have been dealing with cramped roadways from lengthy shoulder barricades and a speed limit reduced to just 45 miles per hours because of construction along a 12-mile stretch between Lytle Road and the Sutter Bypass.

The conditions left daily commuters a bit shaken, gripping the steering wheel when an oncoming car comes a little too close for comfort. 

Is there an end in sight?

According to Gilbert Mohtes-Chan, public information officer for Caltrans, District 3, the project is currently in winter suspension and should start up in the spring after the rainy season, but a restart date has not been scheduled at this time. 

According to the release, work is anticipated to be completed later this year. 

“The major work this year is constructing a new bridge at the Wadsworth Canal, which will meet current seismic bridge standards and feature wider shoulders,” he said.

According to a release issued by Caltrans, the $37.7 million project, which broke ground on Aug. 16, is also restoring the pavement, widening the shoulders and improving drainage systems on the segment of road that is traveled by more than 8,100 vehicles and 600 trucks per day.

The project is being funded by Senate Bill 1, the Road Repair Accountability Act of 2017. which is more commonly known as the “Gas Tax.” 

“Without funding from SB1, the pavement would continue to deteriorate, which would have a direct impact on travelers and result in costly maintenance repairs in the future,” said Andy Alvarado, Caltrans District 3/North Region construction chief. “This project allows crews to make long-term repairs, providing a smoother, safer ride for motorists and the region’s commercial operators.” 

SB1 prioritizes funding towards maintenance and rehabilitation and safety improvements on state highways, local streets, roads and bridges and to improve the state’s trade corridors, transit and active transportation facilities.

Roadwork is also anticipated to begin on Bridge Street in Colusa, which envelops State Route 20 and 45, later this year. This project will replace the old pavement, flatten the roadway, construct new sidewalks, curbs and gutters and improve drainage between Market Street and Butte Vista Way.

According to Mohtes-Chan, utility relocation is currently taking place and a roadwork schedule has not been finalized at this time.

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